Cool Chem Draw Program

When trying to figure out graphics to make my poster, my mentor advised that I use a free trial Chem Draw. I had never heard of it before and up until then I had made some graphics on my poster stringing together different shapes on  Microsoft PowerPoint. But there were just some figures that I was not able to make very easily. So when he told me about Chem Draw, at first it sounded like a program that could help me to draw chemical structures (which I needed as well) and I thought it ended there. But it was so much more! I geeked out when I saw all the different scientific structures and clip art that it automatically can draw for you, and you simply just make it the size you want. And it spans so many areas of science!

I would love to have a program like that to use for making my lessons or even having students draw different structures to represent their understanding during the school year.  It could even be super helpful for our Science Fair program. However—the full version comes with a hefty price tag. So for now, it will simply go on my wish list of things that are super cool and would be awesome to be able to utilize in the classroom one day. In the meantime I  will just marvel and be amazed.

This image shows some of the different things that the program can do as far as clip art and structures. And this only scratches the surface.

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