Largest Inland Desalination Plant in the World!!

With less than two weeks left it has changed into crunch time.  Nevertheless, it was nice to take a break from all the lab work and visit the Kay Bailey Hutchinson Desalination Plant in El Paso.  We were informed that it is the largest inland desalination plant in the world.  It is also amazing to know that representatives from various countries visit El Paso just to tour the desalination plant.

Here are some pics of joyous adventure.

This elephant was a gift from a local artist. The elephant is composed of trash and debris found at a storm drain. Its display is being used to raise awareness about the detrimental impacts of illegal dumping.
Main corridor at the Educational Building of the Desalination Plant.
Reverse Osmosis Unit. The plant has five of them.
Fellow interns following and listening to Mr. Sepulveda (Plant Superintendent) during our tour.
Fellow Interns

We had a great time.

2 thoughts on “Largest Inland Desalination Plant in the World!!”

  1. That sure was a cute elephant made from trash. What an amazing visual of what can be found in our drainage systems. No wonder it often floods here when it rains.

  2. I am glad yall were able to do the tour and got a lot from it. It looks like a beautiful building. Thanks for sharing.

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