First Results on Gold Silica

Finally I have finished the data analysis on NanoScope software.

3 samples were analyzed, each had about 8-10 different locations scanned on both sides: Clean and dirty(No PDMS exposed and PDMS exposed).

Each scan has about 10-20 data regions and in total I had about 200+ data for each sample to work on statistics.

Goal is to compare the remaining residue on the surface to find out the best PDMS as a transfer agent, less residue is better!

4 approaches:

1- Raw data – no touch up

2- Statistical touch up: Mid 70% average; excluding first and last 15% range.

3- Finding the statistical frequency – probability distribution and according to the weighted regions of 70% finding the average.

4- Since #3 messed up on 10.0 /1 sample, I had to come up with the 4th approach, which is excluding the PDMS exposed regions if it is less than average of mid 70% of the clean side.

Boss liked the results and wanted to test more 🙂

Prepared more polymers yesterday and they are curing in the incubator now!

Will analyze the data for SiO2 surface.


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