Week 3

Week 3 was different given the round robin tours. My flies have yet to eclose so I could not begin my experiment. I did end up doing a trial run of the 4 genotypes my mentor has chosen for me.

Emergence trial run:

To test the intelligence of fruit flies we construct arenas that the flies will emerge into from pipette tips when it feels like it is ready to. This is what an arena with a pipette tip looks like:

To get the flies into the pipette tip we use something called a “pooter tube” mine is the one with the orange tape. we place the pipette tip with netting on the end of the pooter tube and suck up 1 fly:

The fly is put into the arena and we time how long it takes to “emerge”. For the most part we watch the flies for 5 hours.

The round robin tours were awesome, I was so glad to see other labs and to see what is going on with the other interns. My lab is very different from everyone else’s and it was eye opening. Thank you guys!

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