What is more Pythonic?

A series of if/elif statements or a fairly complicated if conditional?

For this program, I decided to go the first route. I decided it gives clarity to the code. The interesting point, and why this is making it into a blog, is that I have encountered actual discussions on the Pythonicity of different codes. That cracked me up.

I am working on improving my Python literacy. I am getting there.

We also  had good discussions on what the week with students will look like. Engaging and Inspiring is our goal.

I am really happy with the people in my group. We are good peeps.

2 thoughts on “What is more Pythonic?”

  1. Pythonic is such a strange word. I do like the Python community for sure. Most things are well documented and usually there are good examples to follow.

  2. I really want to try to learn python so I can support my students who are interested in computer science. What materials/courses/books are you using to improve your python literacy?

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