Learning How to do a GUI in Python

I know, I know…. people know how to do this and there are tools I could use to create the GUI. Having said that, I felt so happy to create my own window, with my own button, with my own pictures.

2 thoughts on “Learning How to do a GUI in Python”

  1. Python sounds cool! I actually want to learn that in the near future. In my lab, my mentor is using python so that we don’t have to hand calculate the mol amounts or later the % of each reagent. I tried the calculations by hand and although they are easy it takes time. Python makes it easy and fast! Good luck with your research (I read your previous post) and maybe when we go back to district meetings we can talk more!

  2. Sorry, I thought you had posted before but I see that ya’ll are doing biology/coding in your research correct?

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