Welcome Nanotechnology RETs 2018

The Nanotechnology Research Experience for Teachers (RET) is an internship that provides a unique opportunity for teachers to explore the interdisciplinary field of nanotechnology at Rice University. The goal is to share with teachers the experiences necessary in the interdisciplinary fields of research and disseminate the knowledge into the public-school system. We hope that the discoveries experienced will motivate teachers to be experts in the content and influence in STEM education. This cutting-edge field is rapidly becoming an essential part of science, engineering, medicine, humanitarian water, emergency response and many other disciplines.

Funded by the National Science Foundation, the Rice Office of STEM engagement will host 9 Research Experience for Teachers (RET) interns at Rice University. The goals of the program are for K-12 teachers to engage in current research in nanotechnology, develop project-based learning (PBL) lessons plans with an emphasis on the engineering design process, and to widely disseminate their research experience and lesson plans.

Nanotechnology RET interns will share their research experiences over the course of 6-weeks throughout this Blog.

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  1. We had a interesting trip to meet engineers at the Baytown Exxon-Mobile Refinery. The engineers discussed their education, how they became interested in engineering and eventually landed STEM careers. Many of the engineers were “first generation engineers” in their families. They learned about engineering as a career in high school and college because they were good in math especially calculus. The engineers said that after starting their careers that they have been learning important skills such as communication, problem solving & decision making.

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