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Finished Poster! What and Experience!

I am very Excited to have finished!

I feel accomplished. I recognize fully that I am not an expert programming in Python or an expert in Photoplethysmography, but I have learned so much and I have achieved so much.

I can read from files and write to files.

I can use Command Line inputs for my programs.

I understand how Pulse Oximeters work and the potential for the information we get from them.

I am very happy to have participated in this program and I am excited about my presentation next week.

Smarter than a computer?

Not by much… however, this week I did learn how to give command line instructions to a Python program.

You know all those options that your programmer friends seemed to  have memorized and leave you thinking how in the world do they know all of those?
Well, now I can create a program that can change its execution based on the command line parameters you feed it.  I am the master, only took me a week to get there, but I am fairly happy with the fact I can do it!

What is more Pythonic?

A series of if/elif statements or a fairly complicated if conditional?

For this program, I decided to go the first route. I decided it gives clarity to the code. The interesting point, and why this is making it into a blog, is that I have encountered actual discussions on the Pythonicity of different codes. That cracked me up.

I am working on improving my Python literacy. I am getting there.

We also  had good discussions on what the week with students will look like. Engaging and Inspiring is our goal.

I am really happy with the people in my group. We are good peeps.

The Start of a Journey

We’ve started doing background research. We’ve also installed Python in our computers. We think we have solved the problems with the libraries. Tomorrow we should try again to run the collection process.
Musings: I think I want to research how to extract other variables from the wave form data, that can be used to predict health outcomes: Backward wave amplitude (Pb), reflection index (RI), Arterial Velocity Pulse Index (AVI), Brachial Finger Pulse Wave Velocity (BFPWV).