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Week 3 – Julius Emanuel

Hi there,

Put some thought into my poster for the symposium upon completion of the

RET 2018 via poster abstract. This process of thought included and provoked

content that I teach and programming that I’ve learned. With feedback from

the written abstract, I look forward to fine-tuning my abstract to be reader-

friendly and intriguing to a varied audience. The challenge of the week is

creating slope lines using data in Google Sheets. I do have organized data and

graph with a waveform.  For next week, I plan to execute slopes on the

waveform using formulas, and also complete a few portions my poster.

Week 2: Coding Corner

Hi there,

I’m finding that coding is fun when the time into learning and trying to “crack the code” are invested. As I move through modules and units, each task has a particular code that needs precision and accuracy in order to “crack” it. Running code successfully makes me do a joyful shoulder bounce or “happy dance.”

Julius Emanuel